About Us

About Grateful Care ABA

Grateful Care ABA is a leading provider of Applied Behavior Analysis services. We have a team of highly skilled therapists who are passionate about their work and take great pride in seeing our children succeed. We are grateful to say that we have had great success in bringing out our children’s strengths and helping them flourish in their world.

What Sets Us Apart.

Our grateful team is composed of attentive & ABA experienced therapists who deliver individualized & professional care to each child. They form a trusting & nurturing bond as they begin a journey to success together. Each of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts is closely overseen by a senior clinical supervisor.


All of Grateful Care ABA’s professionals have unbridled passion in their mission to ensure that they produce the best outcomes for each client. They are dedicated to delivering you an effortless involvement that incorporates smooth transitions, frequent progress reports and thorough procedures.


Each child has his or her own particular strengths and challenges. We recognize this and focus our work on each child’s talents and needs. All aspects of our services are customized to ensure that every one of them reaches or even surpasses the benefits of our attention and treatment.


All great accomplishments are the result of people operating together to achieve the same goal. Our team of experts works in partnership with your child’s caregivers and educators. These alliances help us gather insight, involvement and responses regarding your child. This important compilation of information is crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of his or her therapy.


Life in general is busy these days, especially for families with young children. Between school, homework, extracurricular activities and other obligations, most people’s calendars are hectic and jammed. Grateful Care knows how difficult it can be for you to juggle it all. That’s why we respect your valuable time and do our best to accommodate your family’s tight schedule. We strive to keep our services convenient and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Proudly Servicing Indiana, Tennessee and Georgia