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ABA Therapy in Augusta-Richmond County, GA

With a deep commitment to fostering growth and celebrating individuality, our ABA therapy services for Augusta-Richmond County resonate with the heart of the community. Guided by compassion and driven by expertise, we are here to lead your child's journey toward achievement and triumph!


Custom-Tailored ABA Therapy Services

There are no two ABA therapy plans that are the same! Through careful observations and getting to know your child personally, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts, or BCBAs, develop personalized ABA therapy interventions that are designed to help your child reach his/her individual objectives.

How Parent Training Helps

Our ABA parent training services are designed to empower and support you as you support your child with ASD. Under the guidance of our BCBAs, parent training can help by:

Ensuring that the progress achieved during therapy sessions extends seamlessly into your child's daily life.

Equipping you with valuable tools and knowledge, you become a vital resource in helping your child achieve greater independence

We collaborate with your child's school to ensure that they have the support needed to thrive academically.

Providing guidance that aligns with your child's goals and your parenting style.

Making you an active participant to gain a deeper understanding of your child's progress, challenges, and achievements

Instilling confidence in caregivers by offering the skills to address behaviors, encourage positive habits, and reinforce learning.

Contributing to a holistic approach to your child's development.

In-Home ABA Therapy: ABA Right at Home

Picture this: your child engaging in hands-on activities that align with their interests, building communication skills through interactive games, or developing independent daily routines with expert guidance.
With a keen focus on your child's individual needs, our in-home ABA therapy services in Augusta-Richmond County addresses goals such as improving social interactions, enhancing daily living skills, and fostering positive behavior patterns. Let our dedicated BCBAs partner with you in creating a dynamic environment where progress is nurtured in the comfort of your home with in-home ABA therapy interventions!

Unparalleled Support with School-Based ABA Therapy

Our BCBAs support your child right in the classroom through school-based ABA therapy in Augusta-Richmond County, GA. Some goals addressed in school-based ABA therapy include:

  • Enhancing Communication in Classroom Settings
  • Fostering Social Interactions During School Activities
  • Developing Effective Behavior Management Strategies

This approach is vital as it empowers children to thrive academically and socially, promoting their overall success and inclusion.

Learn More About ABA in Augusta-Richmond County, GA

We are diligent about ensuring that you have the support you need to provide your child with the best ABA therapy care available. That is why our team works with you and your insurance company to identify the resources available to you and provide the custom-care that brings out the very best in your child with ASD. Contact us today to chat with a BCBA about our custom ABA therapy interventions for Augusta-Richmond County, GA and the surrounding areas.


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