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ABA Therapy in Birchwood, TN

At Grateful Care ABA we are deeply passionate about serving children with autism and their families in Birchwood, TN and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide unwavering support and guidance as children embark on their journey toward achieving their unique goals with the help of ABA therapy interventions. Let us help you support your autistic child in the best way possible–through ABA therapy!


ABA: The Best Autism Therapy Option

ABA therapy, or Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, is a highly effective and evidence-based approach for children with autism. It is facilitated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who specialize in tailoring interventions to meet each child's specific needs and goals. ABA therapy is widely recognized as the best therapy option for children with autism, as it focuses on promoting positive behavior change and improving overall quality of life. If your child is not already enrolled in ABA therapy, then what are you waiting for?

Successful Outcomes With In-Home ABA Therapy

In-home ABA therapy is a popular and effective choice for many families in Birchwood, TN and the surrounding areas. This approach allows children to receive therapy in a comfortable and familiar environment, leading to more successful outcomes.

In-home ABA therapy is designed to addresses various goals, including:

  • Improving communication
  • Social interactions
  • Daily living skills
  • Reducing challenging behaviors
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Developing self-help skills
  • Promoting independence

In School Support for Teachers & Students

School-based ABA therapy is not only designed for students but also provides valuable support to school staff. Our goal is to ensure that all children succeed in school settings, but that means involving your child’s school staff in the process.

School-based ABA therapy includes services such as creating individualized behavior plans, providing strategies to manage challenging behaviors, and enhancing academic and social skills.

ABA Parent Training

While ABA therapy is typically associated with children, there is immense value in parent training. Facilitated by a BCBA, parent training empowers parents to take the knowledge and strategies learned in therapy and apply them at home. This equips caregivers to become champions of their child's success by promoting positive behaviors in and outside of ABA therapy sessions.

Checking Your Benefits & Getting Started

Your journey to ABA therapy in Birchwood, TN begins with a benefits check. We work with various insurance providers to ensure that the entire community has access to quality ABA therapy services. Some of the insurance companies we collaborate with include TennCare, BlueCare, Anthem, Medicaid, and MDWise. Our goal is to make ABA therapy accessible and effective for all children and their families, guiding them toward a future filled with success and long-term growth!


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