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ABA Therapy in Crawfordsville, IN

Welcome to Grateful Care ABA, your trusted partner for ABA Therapy in Crawfordsville, IN! We are grateful to be serving the Crawfordsville community through exceptional ABA therapy care that includes:

  • In-Home ABA Therapy
  • School-Based ABA Therapy
  • ABA Parent Training

We understand the importance of accessibility, which is why we partner with leading insurance providers such as Anthem, Medicaid, and United Healthcare. These collaborations enable us to extend our ABA therapy services to all families who need them in Crawfordsville!


Custom ABA Therapy

We know that ABA therapy looks different for every autistic child, which is why our experienced BCBAs employ a personalized approach to ensure the most effective outcomes. Our BCBAs know that a combination of therapy interventions can be beneficial in fostering growth and development in children with autism, which is why we employ several ABA therapy modalities to encourage long-term growth.

ABA Therapy from the Comfort of Your Home

For families in Crawfordsville, in-home ABA therapy is the most common choice and a recommended early intervention. Achievements through in-home ABA therapy interventions often include:

Behavior Management Strategies

Improved communication skills

Reduced challenging behaviors

Growth Through Parent Training

Our parent training sessions, facilitated by our compassionate and experienced BCBAs, go beyond just equipping you with practical skills. These parent training sessions create a supportive and collaborative partnership between our team and your family, enabling you to not only gain valuable tools to support your child's development but also foster a deeper understanding of your child's unique needs. This may lead to stronger bonds and more effective advocacy for your autistic child!

School-Based ABA Interventions

In Crawfordsville, we collaborate closely with your child's school to provide school-based ABA therapy interventions. This comprehensive school-based ABA therapy approach includes individualized behavior plans, communication skill development, and strategies for improving academic performance, ensuring your child's growth and success in the classroom.

Get Started

Getting started with ABA therapy services at Grateful Care ABA is a straightforward and supportive process. We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your child's unique needs and goals. Once we have a clear understanding of their requirements, we work closely with you to create a personalized ABA therapy plan that best suits your child's developmental journey, and your insurance coverage requirements.

Our team of BCBAs are here to guide you through each step of the process, ensuring a smooth transition into our program. Let’s work together to ensure a brighter future for your child! To embark on this transformative journey towards growth and development for your child, get in touch with us today.


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