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ABA Therapy in Evansville, Indiana

At Grateful Care ABA we are not just an ABA therapy service in Evansville, IN. We are dedicated partners on your child’s journey to living their most authentic and best life! Our custom-tailored ABA therapy services in Evansville, IN, and the surrounding areas are designed to celebrate your child's individuality, fostering growth, connection, and community along the way.


Evansville ABA Therapy Services

We not only understand the unique journey each child on the autism spectrum, but we embrace it, working diligently to provide comprehensive ABA therapy support where and when it is most needed. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts, or BCBAs in Evansville, IN tailor ABA therapy plans to suit your child's individual goals and strengths. Let’s work together to bring out the best in your child!

What is School-Based ABA Therapy

We are committed to holistic development. Our school-based ABA therapy ensures that your child's newly acquired skills seamlessly integrate into their school environment, fostering success in academic and social settings. Not only is the goal of school-based ABA therapy to support your child, but we make it our mission to ensure that teachers and school staff are on-board with your child’s school-based ABA therapy plan, making school-based ABA a collective effort to benefit your child in the classroom and beyond. Depending on your child’s needs, here are some of the things that school-based AB therapy may include:

Classroom Participation

Social Interaction

Communication Skills


Behavior Patterns

Task Completion




Academic Support

Why In-Home ABA Therapy

At Grateful Care ABA we wholeheartedly believe that familiarity is key to progress. That is why we offer in-home ABA therapy in Evansville, IN that allows your child to learn and flourish in the comfort of their own space. By working in your child's natural environment our BCBAs tap into your child’s genuine interests, enabling us to craft engaging interventions that seamlessly transition into everyday experiences. That is why in-home ABA therapy is perhaps one of the most powerful ABA therapy services for children on the spectrum.

Support & Parent Training

We are a vibrant part of the Evansville, IN community that not only supports children with autism, but family units as a hole. With the understanding that you are at the heart of your child's journey our parent training sessions equip you with the knowledge and tools to be an effective advocate and supporter.
Beyond parent training we also support you by partnering with a range of the nation’s top insurance carriers, such as Medicaid, MDWise, United Healthcare, and more, to ensure that ABA therapy for your child is always within reach.

Connect with an Evansville, IN BCBA

Whether you are curious to learn more about in-home ABA therapy, school-based ABA, parent training, or all of the above, our BCBAs meet you where you are at to provide the care that you, your child, and your family deserves. Get in touch with us directly to chat with a BCBA about your child’s bright future ahead!


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