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ABA Therapy in Franklin, TN

Are you ready to join us on an extraordinary journey of growth and triumph for your child? At Grateful Care ABA, we are passionate about helping your child reach their unique goals through our specialized ABA therapy programs in Franklin, TN and the surrounding areas.

Let us be your trusted partner in unlocking their full potential, as we celebrate every milestone together with unwavering support, compassion, and expertise. Contact us today to chat with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) about custom ABA therapy services for your child in Franklin, TN or the surrounding areas!


Supporting Your Family With Parent Training

ABA parent training is a vital component of our comprehensive approach, as being well-informed is your first line of support in helping your child reach their goals. From teaching you how to create goals, the basics of ABA therapy, reinforcement of ABA principles at home, and much more, our BCBAs arm you with the skills needed to best support your child.

In addition to ABA parent training, we provide benefits checks to assist you in navigating the resources available through our extensive database of insurance carriers, including: United Healthcare, Anthem, Medicaid, and much more!

The Power of In-Home ABA Therapy

By utilizing the comfortable and familiar setting of your home, we create an optimal learning environment where your child can thrive and make meaningful progress toward their goals through in-home ABA therapy services in Franklin, TN.

Through our comprehensive in-home ABA therapy programs, we empower your child to develop essential skills and promote their overall development. We understand that every child is unique, and our skilled therapists are committed to providing individualized support and guidance to help your child reach their fullest potential.

Growth in the Classroom

Through school-based ABA therapy in Franklin, TN we support children with autism so they can experience significant growth in academic settings. With the guidance of our skilled BCBAs, our specialized school-based ABA therapy program supports parents, children, and school staff by developing measurable goals tailored to each child's unique needs. Some of the areas targeted in school-based ABA therapy include:

  • Academic Skills- Enhancing proficiency in subjects such as reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • Communication Skills- Improving verbal and nonverbal communication to foster effective interaction with peers and teachers.
  • Social Skills- Promoting social interactions, cooperation, and building friendships with classmates.
  • Behavior Management- Developing strategies to address challenging behaviors and promote positive behavior choices.
  • Emotional Regulation- Teaching techniques to manage emotions, cope with stress, and adapt to changes.
  • Classroom Routine- Facilitating smooth transitions, following schedules, and participating actively in classroom activities.

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