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ABA Therapy in Johnson City, TN

We believe that in Johnson City, TN every family deserves a path to growth and empowerment. As advocates for your autistic child's success, we are excited to walk this transformative journey alongside you, offering ABA therapy that celebrates your child's for the unique individual they are!


Curating & Implementing Custom ABA Therapy Plans

At Grateful Care ABA we know that one size does not fit all. That is why our approach to ABA therapy begins with understanding your child's individual needs, strengths, and goals. Through detailed assessments by our BCBAs, we curate a tailored ABA therapy plan that addresses your child's unique developmental trajectory.

Honing Essential Skills With In-Home ABA Therapy

In-home ABA therapy is a journey of growth that unfolds within the comfort of your own home. Our in-home ABA therapy approach brings the expertise of our BCBAs directly to your doorstep creating an environment where your child feels secure and confident to learn. With convenience as a cornerstone, our interventions naturally blend into your child's daily routines and can help to develop the following skills:

Language Skills

Communication Development

Self-Help Skills

Play-Based Learning

And More!

Classroom Support: School-Based ABA

Education is a pivotal aspect of your child's development and our school-based ABA therapy reflects our commitment to their academic success. Our BCBAs collaborate closely with educators and school staff, offering not only therapy but guidance that benefits the entire classroom. Through this partnership, we create an inclusive environment that nurtures your child's social skills, academic achievements, and overall growth. Whether your child attends public school or private school, we are here to provide school-based ABA therapy support anywhere in Johnson City, TN!

Essential Guidance with Parent Training

Our parent training equips you with practical skills and strategies that extend ABA therapy benefits beyond therapy sessions. With our guidance, you can be a constant support to your child with ASD reinforcing positive behaviors and ABA therapy outcomes. Some of the specific things that our BCBAs provider education on in parent training include:

  • Guidance on promoting social interactions, helping your child navigate social situations, and fostering friendships.
  • Reinforcing essential life skills, such as hygiene routines, mealtime behaviors, and independent tasks.
  • Understanding the importance of teaching functional skills that enhance your child's independence and ability to navigate daily tasks.
  • Exploring ways to help your child apply learned skills in various settings and situations, ensuring that progress extends beyond therapy sessions.

Start With a Benefits Check

We are committed to ensuring that ABA therapy is accessible to all families in Johnson City, TN. Through partnerships with various insurance carriers, including Medicaid, we are here to make this transformative journey achievable. Start by exploring your benefits and discovering the possibilities that lie ahead for your child. Together, we will craft an ABA therapy path that embraces growth, milestones, and the remarkable potential within your autistic child!


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