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Autism can be a challenging condition to navigate, but kids can perfectly have a fulfilling life if they obtain the right support. As a parent, you want what is best for your child and through ABA therapy you can set your child up for a happy and successful life.

At Grateful Care ABA we proudly offer ABA therapy in Kokomo, IN and the surrounding areas. With a team of board certified ABA therapists on our side, we meet your child’s specific needs through customized ABA therapy plans that are rooted in the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We are grateful to be considered the number one choice for ABA therapy in Kokomo, IN! Contact us today to chat with an ABA therapist about your child’s needs.

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What is Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy?

ABA therapy is a results-driven ASD therapy practice that aims to mold behaviors through a series of rewards and consequences. Considered the most successful form of Autism therapy for children, ABA enables children to relate more positively to their environment so they can thrive socially, academically, and personally.

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Providing personalized ABA therapy in Kokomo

Our reputation for excellence and providing personalized ABA therapy in Kokomo, IN proceeds us, making us the number one choice for ABA therapy in our community. Here is what our team of ABA therapists can do for you and your child:

Benefits Checks

Our team conducts a benefits check to help you identify the available resources available to you and your child.


We conduct a comprehensive assessment to draw an ABA therapy roadmap to help your child achieve his/her goals.

Parent Training

Our ABA therapists work directly with you to provide you with the training needed to integrate the principles of ABA into your child's everyday routine.

In-School Support

We collaborate with your child's school to ensure that they have the support needed to thrive academically.

Home ABA Therapy

Our ABA therapists conduct ABA therapy directly from your home to provide highly-effective training in the environment that your child is most comfortable.

Comprehensive Consultations

We fortify your child's ABA therapy plan by gathering input from the adults in your child's life and applying findings to fortify your child's therapy plan.

Connect With an ABA Therapist

We are widely recognized as the best practice for ABA therapy in Kokomo, IN. Why? Because of our team! Our ABA therapists are hand-selected, compassionate professionals that have ample training in ABA therapy. Through comprehensive assessment of your child’s needs, our ABA therapists recommend a combination of custom ABA therapy solutions to enable your child to reach his/her objectives.
Giving your child the best start in life begins with connecting your child with the best ABA therapist. Let’s work together to help your child communicate effectively, relate to the world positively, and live life optimally! Contact us today to learn more about ABA therapy in Kokomo, IN.


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