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Lafayette ABA Therapy: We Focus On Giving A Better Future To Our Clients

Raising a child with Autism is not for the faint of heart. If you are neurotypical you may even find it difficult relating to your child. You want to help, but you just do not know how! Luckily you are not in this alone. Through ABA therapy you can provide your child with Autism with all the tools, skills, and training needed to live the full and rich life they deserve–and at Grateful Care ABA we are here to ensure that happens!

We proudly offer personalized ABA therapy in Lafayette, IN and the surrounding areas. Crafting custom-tailored ABA therapy plans that are based on your child’s unique needs, we utilize the scientific principles of ABA to develop your child’s skills and equip them for a bright and independent future.

Let us help you provide your child with the best start in life! Contact us today to learn more about ABA therapy in Lafayette, IN and the surrounding areas.

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Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, or ABA therapy, is a scientifically-proven approach to understanding human behavior as it relates to environmental influences. By focusing on positive reinforcement, the goal of ABA is to reduce maladaptive behaviours and teach children with Autism how to develop constructive behaviors to more easily relate to the world around them.

Using multiple therapy modalities, our ABA therapist aim to help your child develop their skills and reach their unique goals–ultimately unlocking their full potential.

Lafayette ABA Services

Benefits Checks

We conduct a full benefits check to help you get all the resources available to you and your child

Initial Assessments

Our initial assessments help us understand your child's strengths and weaknesses so we can develop a custom ABA therapy plan tailored to their needs

Parent Training

We offer you support and training so you are armed with the skills needed to fortify your child's ABA therapy plan.

School Support

Our ABA therapist offer in-school support where needed, working with teachers and administration to help your child thrive in the classroom.

Home Base Theraphy

We offer home-based ABA therapy in Lafayette, IN that gives your child the personal attention needed to work on multiple skills.


Our consultations with parents, teachers, and health professionals help us to get a full picture of a child's needs to develop accurate treatment objectives.

ABA therapist for Lafayette, Indiana

If you are looking for the best ABA therapist in Lafayette, IN or the surrounding areas, then look no further. At Grateful Care ABA we are passionate about what we do and the long-term impacts of ABA therapy in children with Autism. Going above and beyond to help your child reach their specific goals, we provide multiple therapy modalities rooted in the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to unleash your child’s full potential.
We are committed to helping your child thrive, no matter what their unique strengths and challenges may be. Get in touch with our ABA therapist today to learn more about the life-changing benefits of ABA therapy!


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