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ABA Therapy in Mableton, GA

Welcome to Grateful Care ABA, your dedicated partner in Mableton, Georgia, for unlocking the unique potential within your child through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. The journey toward transformative growth starts with a simple conversation. Contact us today to chat with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) about custom-tailored ABA therapy interventions for your child in Mableton, GA and the surrounding areas.


The Power of ABA Therapy

We believe in the transformative power of ABA therapy, and have seen its potential with our own eyes. ABA therapy is not just about addressing behavioral challenges in autistic children, it is about unlocking potential, fostering growth, and empowering your child with the skills they need to navigate the world with confidence and success.

Our ultimate goal is to provide personalized and compassionate ABA therapy services that make a meaningful impact on families in Mableton, GA and beyond. We have even partnered with several of the nation’s top insurance carriers, like Medicaid and Tenncare, to ensure that we can serve the maximum number of families in our community.

Supporting Your Child With ABA Parent Training

Parent training is a vital component of our approach. We understand the significance of empowering parents and caregivers in Mableton. Our parent training services provide practical strategies and tools, creating a collaborative partnership that strengthens familial bonds and extends the impact of ABA therapy into the home environment. Some of the goals of our parent training services include:

  • Our parent training aims to equip families in Mableton with effective communication strategies to foster understanding and connection.
  • Through parent training, families learn the art of positive reinforcement, creating an environment that encourages and reinforces desired behaviors.
  • Our BCBAs focus on providing tools for parents to create a supportive home environment that complements and maximizes the benefits of ABA therapy.

Goals of In-Home ABA Therapy in Mableton, GA

In-home ABA therapy is a unique and personalized approach that caters to the specific needs of your child. In Mableton, our in-home ABA therapy services extend beyond convenience– they bring therapy to the heart of your home, ensuring a familiar and supportive setting for ABA therapy interventions! Each in-home ABA therapy session is tailored to address specific goals, fostering progress at your child's doorstep.

School-Based ABA Intervention

School-based ABA therapy is more than an educational intervention–it is a holistic approach that extends beyond the classroom. In Mableton, our school-based ABA therapy aims to enhance social skills, address challenging behaviors, and promote academic success. School-based is a collaborative effort with educators to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for every child.

Connect with a BCBA

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) play a pivotal role in our commitment to personalized care. BCBAs bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to create individualized therapy plans, ensuring that your child receives the maximum support for their unique journey. Today is the day that your child gets started on their journey to success! Contact us today to learn more about ABA therapy in Mableton, GA and the surrounding areas.


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