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Every child requires special love and attention to become the best version of who they are–children with Autism are no exception! However, knowing how to provide your child with ASD with the right resources and attention they need can be challenging.

Hypersensitivity and behavioral outbursts can get in the way of your child’s ability to relate positively to the world around them. But through ABA therapy you can provide your child with the training and tools needed to come into their own and thrive in all social, academic, and personal settings.

At Grateful Care ABA we are grateful to provide ABA therapy in Marion, IN and the surrounding areas. Realizing that there is no one standard ABA therapy plan, our ABA therapists create a unique therapy blueprint that is targeted to enable your child to reach his/her specific objectives. Together we can help your child become the happiest version of themself!

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Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, or ABA therapy, is a unique, scientific approach to helping your child address his/her behavioral setbacks. Using a basic system of rewards and punishments, ABA molds your child’s behavioral skills to adjust ineffective behaviors and improve your child’s life and development While there are many different options available for ABA therapy in Marion, IN, we pride ourselves on offering the best ABA solutions.

Understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Applied Behavior Analysis, our ABA therapists craft personalized therapy plans that are designed to help your child achieve his/her specific objectives, whether behavioral, social, academic, or otherwise.

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#1 ABA Services in Marion, IN

Here are the different types of custom ABA therapy services offer Marion, IN and the surrounding areas:

Benefits Checks

Our team conducts a benefits check to help you identify the available resources available to you and your child.


We conduct a comprehensive assessment to draw an ABA therapy roadmap to help your child achieve his/her goals.

Parent Training

Our ABA therapists work directly with you to provide you with the training needed to integrate the principles of ABA into your child's everyday routine.

In-School ABA Therapy

We collaborate with your child's school to ensure that they have the support needed to thrive academically.

At-Home ABA Therapy

Our ABA therapists conduct ABA therapy directly from your home to provide highly-effective training in the environment that your child is most comfortable.


We fortify your child's ABA therapy plan by gathering input from the adults in your child's life and applying findings to fortify your child's therapy plan.

Start With ABA Therapy And Provide Your Child With The Support They Need

With a team of Board-Certified Applied Behavior Analysts on our side, we bring decades of experience to the table. Not only do we have the skills and training needed to effectively deliver ABA therapy, but our team are compassionate professionals that put your child’s needs and goals first.

The first step in helping your child reach his/her goals is to reach out to an ABA therapist. Let’s work together to unleash your child’s full potential. Contact us today to connect with our ABA therapy team and learn more about how it can help your and your child.


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