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ABA Therapy in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

All parents want what is best for their children, and we are here to provide that to parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We understand that every journey is unique, and our mission is to provide ABA therapy that is as distinct as your child. Beyond ABA therapy we are your partners, advocates, and believers in the boundless potential that each child possesses!


ABA Therapy Services for Your Child

Our team of highly trained Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) specializes in working with children of all backgrounds and wherever they fall on the autism spectrum. We celebrate the diversity of each child and craft personalized ABA therapy programs that honor your child's unique goals. We are extremely grateful to be walking this journey with you and providing the following services to families in South Bend, IN and the surrounding areas:

What You Will Learn through Parent Training

Our parent training programs empower you with strategies, insights, and techniques to extend ABA therapy benefits beyond sessions. By actively participating in your child's journey, you play a pivotal role in creating a consistent and enriching environment that fosters progress. Here are some of the things that our BCBAs provide education on during parenting training:

Understanding ABA Principles

Behavior Management Techniques

Communication Skills

Social Skills Development

Daily Living Skills

Functional Skills

Generalization of Skills

Positive Reinforcement Strategies

Creating Visual Supports

Managing Transitions

Parent-Child Bond

Collaborating with Schools

Data Collection

Reaching Goals With In-Home ABA Therapy

Imagine ABA therapy happening right within the walls of your home. Our in-home ABA therapy approach combines convenience, comfort, and expert guidance right from home. Under the guidance of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), we bring ABA therapy expertise to your doorstep, ensuring that your child learns and grows in an environment where they feel secure. In-home ABA therapy not only supports skill acquisition but also seamlessly integrates these skills into your child's daily routines for sustainable outcomes and lifelong benefits.

School-Based ABA: Support for Children & School Staff

With our school-based ABA therapy our commitment to your child's progress extends beyond the home! School-based ABA therapy is more than a simple ABA therapy session, school-based ABA therapy is a collaborative effort that involves our BCBAs, your child, and the school staff. We work hand in hand with teachers and educators to create an inclusive and supportive learning space that nurtures your child's social, academic, and behavioral development.

Get Started on ABA Therapy

At Grateful Care ABA we are more than an ABA therapy provider for Murfreesboro, TN and the surrounding areas. We are a source of hope, transformation, and partnership for families in our beloved community. Contact us today to embrace a future of growth, achievement, and endless possibilities for your child in Murfreesboro, TN!


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