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Top ABA Therapy in New Albany, IN

ABA therapy offers a roadmap for our children to navigate the world with confidence, resilience, and a newfound sense of self. It brings solace to parents' hearts, knowing that their child's dreams and aspirations can be realized, step by step, with the unwavering support of skilled and compassionate BCBA professionals.

At Grateful Care ABA we are grateful to be a part of your child’s journey to a happier and more fulfilling life! Through customized ABA therapy in New Albany, IN and the surrounding areas, our BCBAs work one-on-one with you, your child, and your entire family to implement effective ABA therapy strategies that promote your child’s development.


ABA Services

At Grateful Care ABA we care deeply for the New Albany community, which is why we are proud to offer convenient ABA therapy services, including school-based therapy, parent training, and in-home ABA therapy from the comfort of your environment.

In-Home ABA Therapy

In-home ABA therapy brings the power of personalized ABA interventions directly to your doorstep, allowing your child to learn and grow in the comfort and familiarity of their own home environment. Our skilled team of professionals ensures that the therapy sessions are tailored to suit your child's unique needs, promoting effective skill development and behavior management.

Parent Training

ABA parent training equips parents with the essential tools and knowledge to actively participate in their child's progress. Through guided coaching and practical strategies, our experienced BCBAs empower parents to reinforce positive behaviors, navigate challenging situations, and foster a supportive home environment that complements and extends the benefits of ABA therapy beyond the sessions.

ABA Therapy at School

We are dedicated to providing focused ABA therapy support where it is most needed. By providing school-based ABA therapy in New Albany, IN and the surrounding areas, we aim to create a seamless bridge between learning environments, empowering children with autism to flourish academically and socially.

Our school-based ABA therapy in New Albany, IN, and the surrounding areas is a testament to our commitment to meet your child's needs right where they are, ensuring they have the tools and support to succeed in their educational journey.

With our skilled team of BCBAs, dedicated teachers, and compassionate staff, we work closely with schools to integrate ABA techniques into the classroom setting. By fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment, we create opportunities for meaningful peer interactions, enhanced communication skills, and improved attention and focus.

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From parent training, in-home ABA therapy, school-based ABA therapy, and more, we are here to provide support where it is most needed. Contact us today to learn more about school-based ABA therapy for your child!


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