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ABA Therapy in Newnan, GA

Every child, regardless of their unique qualities, possesses a multitude of strengths waiting to be discovered and nurtured. At Grateful Care ABA we believe in celebrating the inherent strengths of children with autism IN Newnan, GA while acknowledging that growth happens through filling the gaps. Our commitment is not just to provide ABA therapy but to unlock potential, foster growth, and transform lives.

We are more than an ABA therapy provider, we are passionate advocates for the Newnan community. Our commitment to serving the unique needs of families in Newnan drives us to deliver exceptional ABA therapy services and ensure every child receives the support they deserve. Contact us today to chat with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) about ABA therapy for your child in Newnan, GA or the surrounding areas.


Start With a Benefits Check

Embarking on the ABA therapy journey begins with ensuring accessibility. We have collaborated with leading insurance carriers, including TennCare, Medicaid, United Healthcare, and more, to extend maximum ABA therapy benefits to the Newnan, GA community. Start your journey by contacting us and initiating a benefits check to unlock the potential for comprehensive support!

Supporting Children at School

School-based ABA therapy is not just about ensuring academic success, it is a holistic approach that benefits both children and educators. The goals extend beyond the classroom, promoting an environment of growth and success. The impact of school-based ABA therapy includes:

  • Helping children improve their social skills
  • Improving behavior patterns for academic success
  • Building adaptive and functional skills
  • Strengthening collaboration between educators and therapists
  • Fostering a supportive learning environment

Home-Based ABA Therapy

In-home ABA therapy is not just a service–it is a practical solution that caters to the needs of both children and parents. Recognizing the busy schedules of families in Newnan, our in home ABA therapy services offer the convenience of therapy right at your door.

ABA Parent Training Services

Parent training is a crucial component of our approach. We believe that empowering parents and caregivers with the knowledge and tools to support their child is key to long-term success. Our parent training services in Newnan empower families, creating a positive and nurturing home environment that complements ABA therapy.

Contact Us to Get Started

Choosing Grateful Care ABA means choosing a personalized approach to ABA therapy for your child. Our commitment is to ensure that your child receives maximum support, and our approach is innovative and tailored to their individual needs. Begin the transformative journey by getting in touch with us today to chat with a BCBA in Newnan, GA.


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