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Life-Changing ABA Therapy in Oak Ridge, TN

In the heart of Oak Ridge, TN hope and transformation find a home through ABA therapy. This therapeutic approach, known for its life-changing impact, holds the promise of empowering children with autism to reach their fullest potential.

At Grateful Care ABA we have made it our mission to bring this promise to life for families in our community. Through a unique blend of in-home ABA therapy, school-based interventions, and parent training, our BCBAs are committed to creating brighter tomorrows for every child we serve in Oak Ridge!


Understanding BCBAs & Their Role in ABA Therapy

At the heart of ABA therapy lies the dedicated work of our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). These experts play a pivotal role in crafting personalized interventions that cater to your child's unique needs and goals. With a deep understanding of behavior management and data-driven decision-making, our BCBAs lead the way in transforming challenging behaviors into positive milestones!

The Power of Parent Training

We believe that the power of ABA therapy extends beyond therapy sessions. Parent training is an integral part of our approach, ensuring that caregivers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to support their child's development effectively. This collaboration between parents and BCBAs strengthens the support system around autistic children , facilitating a more seamless transfer of skills learned in therapy to everyday life.

Making an Impact with In-Home ABA Therapy

In-home ABA therapy is where we witness some of the most profound transformations. This personalized approach creates a comforting and familiar environment for children with autism, reducing anxiety and promoting engagement.

In the safety of your Oak Ridge home, in-home ABA therapy helps your child hone their skills and make progress in the following areas:

  • Communication Skills
  • Reducing Challenging Behaviors
  • Mastering Self-Help Skills

School-Based ABA Therapy Services

School should be a place of growth, inclusion, and support for children with autism, and our school-based ABA therapy services ensure that it is. Collaborating closely with schools, our school-based ABA therapy plans, developed by BCBAs, make the educational experience more accessible and enriching for autistic children. The result is not just academic progress but a boost in self-esteem and social skills!

Experience the Impact of ABA Therapy in Oak Ridge

At Grateful Care ABA we understand the transformative potential of ABA therapy, and we are dedicated to making this impact accessible to every family in Oak Ridge, TN. Through partnerships with the nation's top insurance providers, such as Medicaid and United Healthcare, we work tirelessly to ensure that financial barriers do not hinder your child’s path to progress. Get in touch with us to chat with a BCBA about the benefits available to your child and how to get started with ABA therapy!


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