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ABA Therapy in South Bend, Indiana

At Grateful Care ABA, we understand the unique journey each child on the autism spectrum embarks upon. That is why we are here to provide comprehensive ABA therapy services in South Bend, IN, tailored to your child's individual goals and strengths. Our mission is not to change your child, but to empower and support them on their remarkable journey!


ABA Therapy Services for Your Child

Our team of highly trained Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) specializes in working with children of all backgrounds and wherever they fall on the autism spectrum. We celebrate the diversity of each child and craft personalized ABA therapy programs that honor your child’s unique goals. We are extremely grateful to be walking this journey with you and providing the following services to families in South Bend, IN and the surrounding areas:

Unleashing the Power of In-Home ABA Therapy

At Grateful Care ABA we believe in comfort and familiarity, which is why we offer in-home ABA therapy right from the safety and familiarity of your home. Our in-home ABA therapy services in South Bend, IN are customized for your child, and goal-oriented so you can see real progress right in front of your eyes. Some of the specific goals that our BCBAs may help your child work towards in in-home ABA therapy include:

Communication Skills

Social Interaction

Daily Living Skills

In-School ABA Therapy

Behavior Management

Play and Leisure Skills

Self-Help Skills

Functional Independence

Problem-Solving Abilities

School Readiness

Positive Behavior Patterns

Transformative School-Based ABA Therapy

Our commitment to your child's progress extends beyond home. We offer school-based ABA therapy services in South Bend, IN that ensures the skills learned at home are seamlessly integrated into your child’s school environment, promoting meaningful interactions and achievements. From working with your child’s school to creating BIPs, and more, our BCBAs support your child through transformative school-based ABA therapy services.

Understanding the Power of ABA Parent Training

Did you know that you as a parent are an essential part of your child's journey? At Grateful Care ABA we are here to equip you with the tools you need to support your child’s ABA therapy intervention through parent training. Our ABA parent training sessions empower you with knowledge, strategies, and insights, fostering a collaborative approach to your child's development.

Get Started on ABA Therapy in South Bend, Indiana

Our ABA therapy services go beyond words, they are a commitment to growth, connection, and community. Your child's journey is our inspiration!

At Grateful Care ABA we believe ABA therapy should be accessible to all. That is why we proudly accept various insurance plans, such as Anthem and Medicaid, to alleviate financial burdens and provide the support your child deserves. Contact us today to learn more about ABA therapy for your child in South Bend, IN or the surrounding areas.


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