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ABA Therapy in Spring Hill, TN

Providing optimal support to your child with autism does not have to be a challenge any longer! At Grateful Care ABA we provide comprehensive and personalized ABA therapy care to Spring Hill, TN and the surrounding areas. With a passion for helping families in the community receive the support they need to best support their autistic loved one, we come alongside you as a trusted ally pushing your child toward achieving his/her specific goals. Contact us today to get started with an ABA therapy assessment and see for yourself how ABA therapy can be a powerful tool to help your child live their best life.


Creating a Custom ABA Therapy Blueprint

Our seasoned team, including skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), collaborates with you and your child to design a custom ABA therapy blueprint. Through thorough assessments, we identify your child's strengths, challenges, and goals, shaping a tailored plan that sets the stage for their journey towards success. From in-home ABA therapy, school-based ABA therapy, parent training, and more, we craft plans that position your child on a road to success.

Why In-Home ABA Therapy?

Your home is a space where your child feels most secure, and we utilize that to our benefit through in-home ABA therapy interventions. In-home ABA therapy is not just about convenience, it is about creating an environment where your child's growth and learning become seamless parts of their daily life. With our BCBAs right there by your side, progress becomes a natural part of your child's routines, impacting not only therapy sessions but also everyday moments. Here is why in-home ABA therapy is important for Spring Hill, TN:

Tailored Interventions

Natural Learning Environment

Seamless Integration into Routines

Comprehensive Support Through School-Based ABA Therapy

Education is a powerful catalyst for growth, and our school-based ABA therapy enhances your child's educational experience. Collaborating with educators, our BCBAs ensure that the classroom becomes an inclusive and supportive space. From developing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) to training teachers in effective behavior management, our school-based ABA therapy approach is comprehensive, with the goal of creating an environment where your child thrives academically and socially. Here are some of the benefits our school-based ABA therapy brings to the classroom:

  • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Teacher Training in Behavior Management
  • Fostering Social Skills in Classroom Settings

Set Your Child Up for Success With Parent Training

Your role as a parent is pivotal in your autistic child's journey, and our ABA parent training equips you with the tools to make a significant impact. With parent training and support, our BCBAs guide you through strategies, insights, and techniques that extend ABA therapy benefits beyond therapy sessions. By helping you become an active participant in your child's growth, we empower you to provide your child with consistent support, reinforcement, and skill development.

Get Started

At Grateful Care ABA we are not like the other ABA therapy services in Spring Hill, TN. We are a partner on your family's journey of empowerment and growth. Our team is committed to making ABA therapy accessible to all families in the community, and we work with a variety of insurance carriers, including Medicaid and Aetnea, to do so. If you are not sure which benefits are available to you, reach out to us and we will help you look into the resources at your fingertips.


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