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ABA Therapy in Stonecrest, GA

ABA therapy, or Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, is a highly effective and evidence-based approach designed to support children with autism. This powerful and transformative therapy approach focuses on improving communication, reducing challenging behaviors, and enhancing overall social and life skills.

At Grateful Care ABA we understand the immense potential of ABA therapy for children with autism in Stonecrest, GA and the surrounding areas. Which is why we provide individualized ABA therapy support that enables your child to achieve his/her goals and take strides towards a more independent future. We are not just your source for ABA therapy–we are your partner in helping your child reach their full potential!


Creating Personalized ABA Therapy Interventions

Our approach to ABA therapy is far from one-size-fits-all. We believe in creating personalized ABA therapy interventions that are tailored to your child's unique goals and needs.

Our BCBAs work closely with you and your child to develop a customized strategy that ensures the most effective outcomes. We understand that every child is different, and our commitment is to provide them with the individualized ABA they deserve either through in-home ABA therapy, school-based ABA therapy, or something else.

School-Based ABA for Your Child

School can present unique challenges for your autistic child. That is where school-based ABA therapy in Stonecrest, GA comes in. With school-based ABA therapy we address challenges by providing individualized behavior plans, communication skill development, and strategies to enhance academic performance.

Our support extends beyond your child and to school staff and educators to ensure a well-rounded approach to support your child's success in the classroom.

Parent Training & Education

Your child is not the only one who will benefit from ABA therapy! Through parent training we help you better understand ABA therapy and its goals, working to get you on board with interventions and reinforce ABA principles and your child’s optimal growth. Facilitated by our BCBAs, our parent training services for Stonecrest, GA empower you to create structured routines for your child and a more supportive home environment.

ABA Right at Home

The role of in-home ABA therapy is multifaceted and can encompass various skill-building areas. Conducting ABA therapy right at home with in-home ABA thearpy offers numerous benefits to your autistic child, including:

  • Advancing language and communication abilities
  • Minimization of difficult behaviors
  • Enhancement of social interactions and relationships
  • Individualized, one-on-one guidance
  • A comforting and familiar home-based setting

Your Journey Begins Here

Our passion drives us to provide top-quality ABA therapy services and comprehensive insurance support to maximize your benefits. At Grateful Care ABA, we understand the importance of accessibility, and we partner with a wide range of insurance providers to ensure that every Stonecrest, GA child receives the care they deserve without financial barriers. Get in touch with us today to chat with a BCBA and get started on your journey!


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