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Best ABA Therapy in Terre Haute, IN

If you are raising a child with Autism then you are well aware of the challenges along the way. But you are not in this alone! Through ABA therapy, or Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, you can get the support you need to help your child step into a brighter future with the help of qualified professionals by your side.

At Grateful Care ABA we are grateful to help you care for your child by offering ABA therapy in Terre Haute, IN and the surrounding areas.

Whether you are already aware of the benefits of ABA, struggling to understand which type of insurance you require to get started, or you are brand new to the concept of ABA, we are here to provide you with the loving support you and your child needs.


Specialized ABA Therapy & Process

Before you get started with our ABA therapy services in Terre Haute, IN our team conducts an initial benefits assessment to see which resources and benefits are available to you. Once we get you squared away we then start off our process with a comprehensive assessment of your child and their unique needs.

By examining their strengths and weaknesses, our ABA therapists create a custom ABA therapy plan that is crafted to develop your child's cognitive, behavioral, and communication skills.

Reliable ABA Therapy Alternatives For Your Child

Parent Training & Support

Designed to provide you with the training and support needed to ensure the success of your child's ABA therapy plan

In-School Support

Extra support offered to your child and educators in-school to help your child with ASD thrive academically and socially.

Home-Based ABA Therapy

One-on-one home ABA therapy that helps your child develop a wide range of skills from the comfort of their home.

It's Time To Provide A Better Life To Your Child With ABA Therapy

Finding the right ABA therapists for your child does not have to be a challenge! At Grateful Care ABA we are proud to provide the most compassionate and highly-trained ABA therapists in the area.
A team of board-certified ABA therapists in our corner, we work directly with you and your child to match you with the therapists that not only work well with your child, but are a good fit for your family as well.
With a focus on providing personalized solutions, our ABA therapists carefully curate ABA therapy plans that are geared toward helping your child reach his/her specific goals, whatever they may be! Now is the time to help your child unlock their greatest potential. Now is the time to get in contact with our team of skilled ABA therapists!


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